The next session will begin August 7,2021 @ 10 am

This is our 11th session together, and of course with everything going on, we are doing ZOOM meetings online. God has blessed us in so many ways together, during our time of trying to understand our grief.

We start out our weekly meetings on Saturday mornings at 10:00am. On Friday emails are sent out with all the information to log on and to watch the GriefShare videos individually at 10:00am (or at your convenience before that time). Then following the video we log on together in our ZOOM meeting to share together.

Gail Malick and I share in the process together. Ypsilanti Friends Church supports our ministry, especially with prayer. IF there is anything that you need, Ypsi Friends can be of help.

We still have a number of workbooks available that we can mail to you, until they run out, no charge. Then we will adjust the website to show that you can order from GriefShare.

Looking forward to sharing with you all.