How We Began

Ypsilanti Friends Church (YFC) started a grocery ministry several decades ago at the suggestion of another charity organization, Friends in Deed (FID).  FID had noticed interest in their food distribution ministry of people residing near YFC.  At FID’s suggestion, a modest food ministry began at YFC. 

Initially, needs were made known to ladies at YFC and they would purchase items or have food donated. It was delivered to the home of the individuals in need.  As the program grew and more families were served on a regular basis, the program developed into a monthly grocery pick-up on the church campus.

At times, there were devotional lessons included in the contact with participating individuals.

Where We Are Today
Early on in the pandemic of 2020, a second distribution day was added to each month.  With a partnership with Food Gatherers, generous donations from the church family, and a grant from the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, we serve many families in our community and surrounding areas.  We are a “food of choice” pantry, meaning you pick out the foods for you and your loved ones.  To ensure each family receives food, we place limits on the number of items per family unit.  This is all explained when someone comes the first time. 
What foods do we offer?  Here are some examples:
Dairy: Milk, butter, cheese
Fresh produce:  Usually a variety of produce depending what Food Gatherers send to us
Canned foods:  vegetables, fruit, tomato products, soups
Dry Goods:  pasta, rice, dried fruit, cake mixes, baking mixes, dried potato products
Condiments and side dishes:  ketchup, mustard, syrup, Hamburger Helper
Meat options change from month to month
Paper Products and soap items are usually available depending on supply chain.
In 2022 we will distribute every 3rd Thursday from 2 – 3 PM and the Saturday following the 3rd Thursday from 10:30 – 11:30 AM.  (Dates and times are posted on the glass doors of the west end of the church.)  We hope to serve more families in our community with a Saturday distribution.
Would you like to donate?
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during distribution days
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What To Expect When You Visit