“I need to fill this slot before Sunday!”
     “I need you to do this for Jesus!”
     “If you don’t, lost people will go to hell!”
Deep down, you know there’s a better way, but your current paradigm is holding you captive. Your approach is not optimized to mobilize God’s people, God’s way! SO MUCH MORE!
Your discontent and the unease of those you lead, screams out that the church and its people are designed
and Made for More. The pent-up, latent capacity of Christians who’ve never discovered and engaged their unique purpose and calling represents an unstoppable movement for good.
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Enjoy the following devotional to use at home during the “Made for More” series
In this six-week devotional, author Erika Rizkallah invites us to dig deeper into the book of Ephesians and discover this truth – we were made for more. We’re encouraged and mobilized to carry the gospel into every nook and cranny of our world: where we live, work, learn and play. This devotional is designed for individuals to reflect on the book of Ephesians and their calling.
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Identity in Christ