Spiritual Practice


  1. Prepare
    1. Set aside some time (start with 5-10 minutes and build on that), and find a quiet space, one where there are no distractions. 
    2. Choose a passage from Scripture (6-8 verses).
    3. Take a few moments to close your eyes, breath, relax, and thank God for this time together, ask Him to guide you.
  2. Read
    1. Read the Scripture slowly once through, pausing throughout it. As you finish, sit with the Word of God, in silence for a minute or two. 
  3. Reflect
    1. Reread the Scripture, becoming aware of any phrases that mean something to you, any phrases that catch your attention, write them down in a journal. Take a moment to reflect/meditate on what this word means for you. 
  4. Respond
    1. Read the Scripture a third time, let God’s words interact with your thoughts, how it connects with your life. Ask what part of your life needs to hear this word? Ask what is God saying to me? How does He want me to respond? Be willing to be open and honest with God; feel free to journal these thoughts/answers as they come to you.
  5.  Rest 
    1. Rest here with God, in His word for a few more moments in silence and stillness. Enjoy the presence of God.
  6. Resolve
    1. Ask God to continue to bring this word to your mind throughout your day, and ask Him what am I being called to as a result of this word? As the Holy Spirit continues to bring God’s word to your mind the deeper you will be led into its meaning and truth, until the truth begins to play out in your life. Thank Him for the word you have been given and the calling on your life.